Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some pictures of me floursishing when i first started out

Bee stingers

The bee stingers just fans like honey slipping down your throat.Gives you a sense that you handle cards professionally.The white borders are designed to prevent cheating in casinos.


The bicycle Raider deck is magnificent.The quality the finish the stock the colour just gets my 10 over 10 vote!


The propaganda deck has a very military look to it.A deck the looks dangerous and threatening.

Smoke And Mirror

HA! This is the deck i have been longing to give a review on.The smoke and mirror decks was designed for the Buck brothers the pioneer in card flourishing.These deck are absolutely PHENOMENAL! There is no question why you should get this deck.The deck has an aristocrat finish.The court cards are simplified and the ace of spades is just magically STYLISH!

Split Spades Lion

There is only one word to describe this deck.AMAZING.This deck was originally designed for David Blaine himself .They fan effortlessly, they faro shuffle just the way you want them to.The artwork on the box and the cards in unquestionable.If you look closely at the court cards every face is different.The king of spades has a portrait of David Blaine's own face!The ace of spades and the jokers both contains optical illusions.Get the deck to see it for yourself !

Bicycle Eco edition

The bicycle Eco edition is a wonderful deck, the cards are crafted from forest paper, starched based laminating glue and vegetable based ink.The best thing is that this deck is totally recyclable